Dean Lokey

I'm a avid kayak fisherman. My passion started in the late 90s touring my friends and father around the local waterways. Then I caught my first fish from a kayak. It was then my true love for the water, and kayak fishing would take me to where I am today. I've been on the Hobie […]

David Inscore

An art school graduate and a 28-year veteran in the video game industry. During much of that time he’s served as Art Director and Creative Director on several successful game franchises. When not in front of a PC making video games you can find him fishing atop a Hobie kayak. Dave’s kayak fishing photography has […]

Josh Rayner

Owner and kayak fishing guide at CT Fish Nerd, based in south central Connecticut. My favorite species to target from my Hobie Outback are Striped Bass, False Albacore, Tautog, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Crappie. 15 years of kayak fishing experience on both fresh and saltwater, 6 of those years spent in a Hobie. I’m […]

Corey Pelletier

I’m a passionate kayak angler who dedicates much of the warm season to paddling my Hobie along the shorelines of Connecticut and Rhode Island in New England. During the summer, I often find myself on the water after sunset, chasing large striped bass. While targeting striped bass is my top choice, I also enjoy bottom […]

Grant Alvis

For more than 12 years, I’ve been an avid angler, casting my lines from Hobie Kayaks. Residing in Virginia has granted me the privilege of pursuing a diverse range of freshwater and saltwater species. Notably, I’ve achieved a rare distinction in my state’s fishing history by attaining level four Freshwater Master Angler status, with trophy […]

Shawn Barham

I’m an enthusiastic inshore angler, with my primary focus set on pursuing trophy-sized Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Tautog.

Theodore Douglas

I’m a lifelong fisherman and an environmental engineer who discovered a deep affection for Hobie kayaks in 2017, a departure from my paddle kayak roots that I’d embraced since I was around 12 years old. The rising popularity of pedal kayaks caught my attention, and during a Hobie dealer’s demo day, I took a leap […]