Pro Team

Jay Wallen

Lawrenceburg Kentucky

I have a true passion for kayak fishing, something I have been doing for almost 15 years. Kayak fishing is something that anyone can do from a young child to an older adult, whether its streams, ponds or large lakes there is a kayak to fit every scenario. I love helping people determine what is the best fit for them and their fishing style. At the end of the day I want you to get on the water more and enjoy your time on the water to utmost!

I also love to fish competitively and travel the globe to fish anywhere for any species. So don’t hesitate to ask me about anything from kayak variances, to fish species and different types of water. I’m here to help anglers, young and old, explore and grow in their fishing abilities and comfort levels.

My main expertise is for bass on large lakes and tournament fishing. Please reach out to Strictly Sail or myself for more information on how we can help either get you on the water or become more comfortable and enjoy your time on the water even more!

Specialty Retailer