Hobie Fishing Team
Dealer Pro Staff

Giovanni Gargano

Annapolis Maryland

As a lifelong resident of the Chesapeake Bay area, I have developed an exceptional passion for the bay and its surrounding waters. From my early years, I have dedicated myself to exploring the bay using various watercraft, such as Jon boats and kayaks, to indulge in my deep-rooted love for the water.

Throughout the seasons, I eagerly pursue thrilling fishing experiences, from chasing Trophy Stripers in the winter to targeting Speckled Trout in the late spring and fall. During the summer, I find excitement in battling drag-peeling Bull Redfish, Cobia, and Sheepshead. The year-round fishing opportunities that the Chesapeake offers have completely hooked me, and I am committed to experiencing as much of them as possible.

The rush of adrenaline I feel when hooking a fish still evokes the same excitement I experienced as a child fishing with my father. If anything, that excitement has grown exponentially over the years.

Nothing brings me greater joy and excitement than witnessing and assisting others, regardless of their fishing experience, in catching fish. It mirrors the feelings I had as a child and fills me with immense satisfaction.

Specialty Retailer