Tom Houde

In 2010, I embarked on my kayak fishing journey, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I acquired a Hobie Revolution. With the introduction of Hobie’s Mirage Drive technology, my fishing success took a significant leap forward. Since 2010, I’ve been an active participant in the competitive world of kayak fishing, specifically in the On The […]

Aaron Fetterman

My journey into kayak fishing began in the spring of 2017. Prior to that, I had never really considered myself a dedicated “fisherman.” My fishing experiences were limited to occasional trips to rivers and creeks, where I’d try my luck at catching trout and smallmouth bass, typically during our family’s annual visits to our cabin […]

Dennis Campbell

Growing up in “The First State,” my summers and leisure hours were dedicated to pursuing largemouth bass in any accessible body of water reachable by my trusty bike. It was at the tender age of 12 when I achieved a personal milestone, reeling in my largest-ever largemouth bass from a serene farm pond. Over the […]


I’ve enjoyed kayak fishing for more than a decade, and my journey into local kayak tournaments began in 2018. However, it wasn’t until 2022 that I acquired a Hobie kayak and participated in the Hobie Bass Open Series, achieving significant success. Recently, I relocated to coastal North Carolina to take advantage of the fantastic saltwater […]

Jody Queen

Since 2017, I’ve dedicated myself to a full-time career as a professional kayak angler. Over the years, I’ve achieved numerous accolades in the Hobie Bass Open Series, earning the title of the most successful angler. I proudly secured two major national championships, namely the 2021 “The Ten” championship and the 2019 Hobie TOC Grand Champion […]

Bailey Eigbrett

I’m a passionate kayak angler, tournament competitor, and dedicated bass fishing enthusiast who thrives on pursuing adventures from my Hobie kayak. I proudly serve as the creator and host of the Serious Angler Podcast Network, where our entire lineup of shows is devoted to the art and science of bass fishing. Additionally, I capture every […]

Ryan Kennedy

I grew up enjoying fishing but it wasn’t until I got my first Hobie in 2012 that I got the bug. I mainly fish for bass but also enjoy trolling for lake trout. I spend a couple of weeks in Florida over the winter and love to get out fishing the flats in saltwater as […]

Dustin Stevens

I’m the founder of Rhode Island Kayak Fishing Adventures, a kayak charter company that specializes in offering clients fully equipped Hobie kayaks for memorable outings. My charters cater to both saltwater and freshwater enthusiasts. In the saltwater domain, I primarily target a range of species, including Striped Bass, Bluefish, False Albacore, Summer Flounder, and Black […]

Keith Bolen

I’ve been an avid angler along the East Coast, from Florida to Nantucket, throughout my entire life. My fishing journey initially began in rivers and lakes, but it gradually evolved into saltwater fishing, both from the beach and boats. About 12 years ago, a friend introduced me to kayak fishing, and from that moment on, […]