Mike Densel

My journey into kayak fishing began in 2012 when I made my initial purchase of a Hobie Pro Angler. The following year, in 2013, I became Fort Wayne Outfitters’ inaugural local team member, solidifying my presence in the kayak fishing community. As a founding member, I played a pivotal role in establishing Northeast Indiana Kayak […]

Kevin Workman

I would characterize myself as an adventurous angler. My preference leans towards exploring off-the-beaten-path locations and targeting challenging fish. However, my adventures also include tournament fishing and numerous family outings. I’m a proud parent of five children, and four of them actively join me in their Hobie kayaks for fishing trips. My eldest son, Jack, […]

Kyle Zemke

I’m a devoted angler hailing from southern Idaho, and my love for fishing runs deep. Growing up alongside the Snake River, fishing has been an integral part of my life. Over the past decade, I’ve been fortunate to embark on fishing adventures both close to home and across the nation, competing in various tournaments. During […]

Cole Garland

I’ve been fishing since I’ve been old enough to hold a rod and reel. Started fishing some tournaments at age 10, and began to fish more once I bought a kayak, and especially when I bought a Hobie Pro Angler 12 back in 2017. I’m on my third Hobie Pro Angler, and for the past […]

Nick Matthews

I started fishing ponds around my neighborhood when I was growing up and it led to an obsession. I’d always wanted to fish tournaments, but I knew no one that had a boat, nor could I buy one. I bought myself a kayak in early 2016 at the age of 16, which lead to my […]

Johnathan Dominguez

My interests revolve around fishing, kayaking, and the thrilling combination of the two: kayak fishing. Ever since my inaugural kayak adventure, this activity has become an integral part of my life, almost like a form of therapy. It’s incredible how this simple vessel has led me on such an enriching journey. Currently, I’m proud to […]

Kurt Smits

I go by the nickname Smitty, and my journey in the fishing world began with local tournaments. Over time, kayak fishing evolved into my ultimate passion. I’ve scaled the heights of competition, securing victory at the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship in 2017. Participating in prestigious events like the Hobie Bass Open Series and KBF, […]

Terrik Walker

Hi there everyone!!! I’m just a small-town guy doing big things on the best kayak brand on earth. Fishing tournament’s Nationally and locally. I like to talk fishing watch fishing and actually go fishing to satisfy my needs. Learning everyday while doing it all. Watching the sport evolve has been amazing. The Hobie Bass Open […]

Jim Strunk

I started fishing as a small boy with my grandpa and dad in the small creeks and white river near my home in south central Indiana. I started kayak fishing from a 10 foot sit in-side kayak and became hooked with the sport from the beginning. I began tournament bass fishing in 2017 with a […]

Cole Ritter

I’m a dedicated family man and kayak angler located in central Indiana. My passion for kayak fishing has led me to compete in various Indiana kayak bass tournaments, as well as regional competitions. Additionally, I proudly serve as a director for GRBY, which stands out as one of the fastest-growing kayak bass clubs in the […]