Ewing Minor

Currently, I’m an active member of the fishing team at Carson-Newman University, participating in both boat and kayak tournaments. In addition to my university involvement, I also take part in the Hobie Bass Open series, alongside various other local, state, and national fishing competitions. When I’m not on the road for a tournament, you’ll find […]

Garrett Wade

Fishing has been an enduring passion throughout my entire life, tracing back to my earliest memories of fishing trips with my Papa at our family farm ponds. During my early teenage years, I had the privilege of relocating to a place near the river, allowing me to indulge in fishing almost daily. As a late […]

Miguel Ángel Garrido Fornet

My passion lies in black bass fishing, and I’ve been a dedicated black bass boat fisherman alongside my father, Miguel Angel Garrido. My journey into the world of fishing began at the age of 5 under my father’s guidance. He introduced both my brother and me to boat fishing, focusing on black bass. We also […]

Dustin Murguia

Dustin Murguia, known as Dusty Yakker across the fishing world, is a former middle-school teacher turned national kayak tournament angler. A native of Chicago, IL, Dusty has enjoyed a lifetime of experience in pursuit of both large and smallmouth bass across the country. Passionate and approachable, “Yakker” is best known for his impactful writing style, […]

Brady Storrs

I am all about fishing, and fishing is all about me. My soul finds a deep connection with the earth and all its living creatures, and when I’m out on the water, I feel like an integral part of that natural world.

Joe McElroy

I’m an Alabama native who has maintained a deep connection to the great outdoors throughout my life, having served as a former US Army Green Beret and Delta Force Veteran. In addition to my professional role as a real estate developer, I find solace and happiness in the world of kayak fishing and married to […]

Matt Lanier

Lifelong angler and currently a Fishing Coach for Salt Strong Saltwater Fishing Club. Fishing in a Hobie Outback. I love fishing of all kinds, and it has always been my passion, but chasing spot tails (redfish for the lay person) is what I do best. I’ve managed to win and cash checks in inshore fishing […]